Our firm is operating since 1996. Our main profile includes the manufacturing and trade of parquet frieze used as raw material for different parquets. The demand for parquet frieze is satisfied in sizes according to the orders, from all sorts of wood; however, the majority is made of oak.

For our work we use good quality lumber, of own purchase. In order to ensure a continuous, smooth production, we have an appropriate plant and a team having several-year experience. Appropriate covered storage places are at disposal for storing the goods.

The majority of our products are exported, mainly in Sweden and Italy.

Beyond our main activity, we are able to produce any kind of lumber products, and we fulfil individual orders too. Lumber waste produced in our plant is sold as firewood.

We always could utilize our wood industry experiences in a successful manner, and we believe that this will provide an appropriate support for us in the future too.

Our objective is to meet our existing customers' demands; at the same time we find that there is a possibility to widen the range of our products and to increase the volume.

Our site is easily accessible, along the Highway #8.